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  • 6 -7 June Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 14-15 June Paris (France)
  • 03-04 July Bordeaux (France)
  • Septembre Niort (France)
  • October Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • 08-09 November B-Boost International Convention Bordeaux (France)
  • November Milano (Italia)
  • December Nice (France)



Newmips Digital Transformation Challenge is about getting in 2 days a software or an application that can be used using the Newmips platform.
Participants of the event are the employees of the company. They organize themselves in teams at the beginning of the challenge, according to their affinities, in order to meet the challenges defined by their management staff.
The team with the best result at the end of the event wins the challenge.



Newmips Challenge is a great concept to boost innovation in a broad sense inside the company, transfer skills, develop agile techniques with design thinking approaches. The goal of a Newmips Challenge is primarily to accelerate specific topics or projects. By grouping teams over a limited time (often 48 hours), we mobilize collective intelligence around a goal with a notion of challenge. Each comes out of his comfort zone with constraints varying from those of his daily life.

As the teams are often multifaceted, associating collaborators from different horizons, a Challenge also allows the participants to discover themselves, to learn to work differently and to tackle subjects on which they did not always have this level of implication. The freedom given to participants is also a way of identifying and recognizing talents.


Assets of Newmips for this Challenge

The particularity of the challenge is to use a dedicated Newmips platform to build the applications imagined by the participants. This configuration allows you to:

  • Be accessible to all participants (it is not necessary to know how to develop to understand how to use it and use it)
  • Save development time (the manufacturing of applications is extremely fast)
  • Capitalize on a single technology and avoid ending up with a multitude of development languages
  • Build solutions that can be used right after the end of the test to launch a usage experiment during 3 months


Type and complexity of produced applications

Applications produced on a 2-day event typically include:

  • Front-Office part with some screens to manage a registration, a customer area, the feedback to users / customers …
  • A back-office part with a dozen screens to cover 2 to 3 transversal business processes including sending emails, notifications, SMS
  • Specific developments made by experts and employees of the company who wish to contribute

Tasks executed during event are related to the DESIGN phase of our methodology. It enables to define the content of CONSTRUCTION phases to come.

More details

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