Sales and / or operational team in fields do not have always access to the Internet to work and fill in data that must feed the Information System
Consequence : Time lost in double entry and limited user experience. It means, they need to be able to fully use all the features of the information system applications on a device not connected to the Internet (laptop or tablet)


Newmips Mobility package

Mobility package enables to use apps generated with Newmips Studio in offline mode. Solution provides a native synchronization of Mobile devices with the Cloud, at the request of users, on pre-filtered data populations upstream (only useful data are stored on device). Mobile device are loaded and updated remotely.

How it works

  • Agents at the central (or regional) sites define the data that must be synchronized on the devices of employees in fields.
  • Employees synchronize their mobile device at the beginning of their session (start of day or tour). They fill in forms, take photos, and save documents on their device. When their working session is over (end of day or tour) or when they recover a network connection, they synchronize all data present on their device.
  • Data and media are sent back to the Cloud application at the central (regional) site and the device recovers a new baseline to be able to continue operations.


We provide customized tablet fleets to:

  • Deploy quickly applications on devices
  • Secure embedded data
  • Improve user experience – Connect device to your PC or laptop to use it like any operating system


  • The possibility of benefiting from the same comfort of use as at the office (same application)
  • Only the chosen data goes down on the tablets (encrypted data and secure access)
  • No technical limitations other than those of the device (classically tablets with 2GB RAM and 8GB of disk memory)
  • No untimely synchronization attempts that block device usage