Main features

Quickly create business applications by providing instructions to a softbot. The Newmips softbot is a robot that works like a developer as part of your team coding application elements (screens, routes, data models, components…) using preset algorithmic principles and rules. A physical developer can then implement business logic and apply customised settings for clients.

Off-the-shelf components

Add components to your solution and improve your productivity

Responsive Web Design

Applications developped through Newmips are fully responsive and adapt to any device : desktop, tablets, smartphones. They are natively built with the following :

  • Easy navigation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Shortcut widget
  • Dynamic record list
  • Selection of field types (date, email address, phone, barcode…)

  • Data export, sorts and filters
  • Cross-functional search
  • Integrated login system
  • 100 % secure communication
  • Embedded online support

Newmips Software Plans

Each plan comes with specific features and benefits. The below will help you compare and decide which plan fits best with your activities.

Standard features         
Licensing GPLv3 Commercial Commercial
Distribution Local Local Cloud
Source Code Versioning (Gitlab)         
Studio & Applications upgrades         
Automatic updates         
Coding Studio         
Cloud applications         
Additional environment on demand         
Developer support Community Newmips Support Newmips Support
Designated Account Manager      
PRICES Free forever Annual fees Annual fees
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